Elizabeth Luxury Signature Font






INTRODUCING: Elizabeth Luxury Signature Font.

I have been thinking about this project for a long time. As a graphic designer, who works a lot / works in creating branding, we are often asked to design logos in the Signature style, but with real handwriting vibrations. So, this font is the embodiment of this idea. This is perfect for BRAND. Maybe nothing else, except for BRAND. You won’t get a cute, weird and funny logo with this font.

Only Branding Design is sophisticated, upscale, sophisticated.

To maintain the maximum handwriting effect, 63 ligature was created (you can see it between the presentation images). When creating fonts, we must consider that each letter must be able to be connected with other letters. For example, the letter “a” must be well connected as well as with “l” and “n” and with other letters. This limits us: we must start the letter at the right point and finish at the right point. So this is the ligature. The Elizabeth font contains the following ligatures:

ab al in af ah ak an ar am bb bl ck cl ch il it in im fl ff go gl gr gh g el et er eb ht kk ll mm nt ol ot oh on of oo ont pp pl st sl sh tt th th un ur ut uh ux zz and

Elizabeth also includes a full set of upper and lower case letters, multilingual symbols, numbers, punctuation. This font has a smooth wet ink texture, so it will be perfect for all types of printing techniques + You can do embroidery, laser cut, gold foil etc.

What did you get?


Thank you and have a nice day

Author: YonTypeStudio.Co
Format: TTF
License: This demo font is for Personal Use Only, To use the font commercially, you will need to purchase Full Version.


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