Chieu Display Font








Thank you for looking Chieu Display Font. “CHIEU” (chiêu) is an ancient Vietnamese word, which means “left”, figuratively means “against the crowd’. The Chieu Typeface is a custom typeface with reverse-contrast created for creative people who has strong bersonalities and wants to explore some unique, different form of font.

There are some amazing people changing the world through rule-breaking Ideas. After a long visual research l’ve founded inspiration from the similarity between the youneg beople who always wants to break the rules, to make something bold — and the Italian typeface which has brovoked such negative reactions because the stress
is reversed from the norm.

Thanks to Tieu AnhChieu Display Font is free for personal use. Please download and enjoy, or can search more similar fonts on befonts.

Author: Tieu Anh
Format: TTF, OTF
License: Free For Personal Use Only


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